Beautiful nudity

This is a collection of pictures, videos, and gifs that I find to be artwork. This is not a page of porn, but a page for beautiful nudity and sexuality. Please enjoy each post as you would a piece of art, by itself and examining every part of the image or video. Other than that I hope you enjoy this blog in whatever way you would like!




The Great Wall of Vagina - Jamie McCartney (x)

Jamie made molds of the vaginas of women between 18 and 76 years. Among others, they include twins and transgender women. Women are often confused about their vagina, because they think it looks different: with this project he demonstrates that vaginas are as different as faces. McCartney hopes that his work will help to stop the increasing growth of labia corrections in recent years.

REAL TALK — this is one of the absolute most important posts that has ever been on our blog. EVERY. VULVA. IS. BEAUTIFUL. your junk is normal, ladies!!! stop being self-conscious and LOVE YOURSELF. you don’t have to look like a porn star, just appreciate your body as it is and own that shit!!! so long as YOU know that you’re beautiful, everyone else will know too.

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